Note: This page will always be incomplete, as I've only read the manga and an english adaption of the novels seems to be a far off daydream. Please take the information on this page with a grain of salt.
About Youkai Navi Runa

A summary of Runa's beginnings from the Novel.

Youkai Navi Runa (妖界ナビ・ルナ Youkai Nabi Runa) also known in English as Fairy Navigator Runa (and Lunatic World in German), is a series of light novels for young children. The series comes in 4 Flavors: The Original Novels, Youkai Navi Luna II, Shin Youkai Navi Luna, and the manga adaption which has only the first 5 light novels adapted.

Currently, the original novels are being reprinted with fancy new covers so that newer fans can read the original. (Now if only Kodansha USA would do that....)

Plot Sypnosis

Runa Rindou is a klutz who loves to daydream and relies very much on her best friend. Her greatest treasure is an amulet that once belonged to her mother. One day, she runs away only to have the amulet stolen by a boy and girl who turn into animals when they come into possession of the amulet. What is the meaning of this!?
note: this is currently the sypnosis for the manga only
Luna/Runa Rindou
First Appearence Chapter 1
Birthday January 1st
Race Youkai

Her name can be romanized as either Luna or Runa, however the official english adaption of the manga has her as Runa Rindou

Runa is a young orphan who daydreams and loves food with all her heart; The only connection to her parents being a mysterious pendant that she holds in her possession

One night, her pendant is stolen from her, and as she runs to find it, she encounters a Youkai and is called The Destined Child. It's quickly revealed that Runa's parents were Youkai royalty, and Runa has been tasked to guide evil youkai into light and navigate them back to the Youkai relam. Her true form is revealed when she uncovers her third eye and mahou shoujo transforms. (right picture) In the novels, her true form has blonde hair, while the manga's has silver.

First Appearence Chapter 1
Race Youkai
First Appearence Chapter 1
Race Youkai

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